Providing Solar Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Our Vision

A+ Solar Solutions’ mission is to provide solutions to reduce our carbon footprint by using solar as the ultimate source of free energy. We will do this by sharing information on solar energy, working together with non-profit organizations, designing practical solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partnering with local companies.

Solar array Vernon

Our Vision

For everyone to become as much energy self-sufficient as possible by producing free solar power themselves.

Our Values

A+ Solar Solutions believes in:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint, while adding value as a long-term profitable asset.
  • Replacing traditional energy sources by renewable energy sources;
  • Energy self-sufficiency;
  • Providing proven solutions for a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come;
  • Independent advice and open communication;
  • Working with local partners and concern for our community;
  • Promotion, education and information on solar energy and building a sustainable future.