On November 5, A+ Solar Solutions started installing a 10,640 Wp solar array in Sicamous, containing 28 Canadian Solar 380W Bifacial 144 Split Cell Monocrystalline modules on a Kinetic Fixed Angle ground mount.

Because the customer already prepared the foundation of the ground-mount and made sure the position of the concrete piles were 100% accurate, the erection of the Kinetic Fixed Angle ground-mount was fairly easy.

Although weather conditions were not ideal, mounting the 28 Canadian Solar 380W Bifacial 144 Split Cell Monocrystalline modules was done in less than 6 hours.

Because the customer wanted to have a battery backup facility in case of power outages, we installed a Sol-Ark 12K Hybrid inverter, which allows the customer to have a maximum of 2000Amp of batteries as well as a connection to the grid.

For the batteries, the customer choose to start with 8 Rolls S6-460AGM RE Batteries, each providing 460Amps of battery power.

As usual, Chris Bileske Electric did an excellent job of taking care of the electrical part of the installation.

Based on the first tests, the system is performing very well and will – under ideal circumstances – produce 13,387 kWh a year, which is – due to the bifacial modules – 30% above the amount for monofacial modules.

Interested? A+ Solar Solutions offers tailor-made solutions as well as standard solar packages starting at $4,695.
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