– First community-owned solar array Salmon Arm approved

Salmon Arm, July 27, 2019

Although the installation of the first community-owned solar array was already finished 3 weeks ago, last Thursday the system was approved by the inspector from Technical Safety BC.

Now, we only have to wait for approval from BC Hydro, and First United Church Salmon Arm can start harvesting free solar energy

– Enphase IQ8 is coming

Ensemble is the energy management technology from Enphase that enables solar, storage and the grid to seamlessly work together to ensure clean, reliable, economical and safe energy.

The Ensemble solution has five key components:

  • IQ 8 is the 8th generation of Enphase micros, ensuring reliability from a decade of continuous improvement. This generation provide a cost-effective option for traditional solar, while providing for the potential to upgrade with additional equipment for always on capability.
  • The Encharge Battery is designed to optimize energy generation to save money when tied to the grid and maximize availability during emergency when off-grid capability is enabled.
  • The Enpower switch seamlessly isolates your home for operation during a blackout which lets you keep playing when the grid goes down.
  • The IQ Combiner enables real-time connection of your system to the cloud with the most efficient, effective and reliable communication protocols. The IQ Combiner ensures the longevity of your warranty for the lifetime of your system and allows the installer and Enphase to troubleshoot if needed to provide the best return on your investment.
  • The Enlighten Cloud Software delivers real-time monitoring and insights of solar generation, energy usage, connection to the grid, in addition to battery usage.

This solution will be released in a phased manner. The initial release of the Ensemble solution will become available in limited quantities in select North American cities around Christmas of 2019.

This first release of the Ensemble solution will include the IQ 8 powered Encharge battery for energy storage and the Enpower switch for control. This initial Ensemble solution is designed to be compatible with IQ 6 and IQ 7 systems for either existing or new installs.

Worldwide release in the middle of 2020, will be this same solution, but with the IQ 8 Enphase Microinverter with a second release of the Enpower switch. The goal is to continue providing additional value to our partners and customers with every new Ensemble release. 

Watch this video to see the future of energy.

See our FAQs section for any questions you might have about Ensemble.

Source: Enphase

– Another customer harvesting free solar energy

A+ Solar Solutions installed 20 LG400N2W-V5 High Efficiency LG NeON® 2 modules with Enphase IQ7+ microinverters on Sonya & Ed Ruppel’s house in Salmon Arm.

Installation A+Solar Solutions Salmon Arm

The 20 LG400N2W-V5 High Efficiency LG NeON® 2 modules have a 19.3% efficiency and will produce 8,857 kWh of electricity a year.

Installation A+Solar Solutions Salmon Arm

Where most manufacturers provide a 10-year product warranty, LG provides a 25-year product warranty on materials and workmanship as well as a 25-year production warranty on their LG400N2W-V5 High Efficiency LG NeON® 2 modules.

LG also guarantees that the LG400N2W-V5 High Efficiency LG NeON® 2 modules will produce no less than 89.6% of their nameplate power output, which makes the LG400N2W-V5 High Efficiency LG NeON® 2 modues one of the best solar panels in today’s market.

Enphase provides an industry-leading warranty of up to 25 years on their Enphase IQ7+ microinverters.

By investing in solar energy, Sonya & Ed Ruppel made a significant step towards a carbon natural environment and creating a sustainable future. Solar energy is free, abundant and does not produce any greenhouse gases.

Investing in solar energy also enabled Sonya & Ed Ruppel to become more self-sufficient and will make them partly untouchable for all the hikes in electricity rates to come.

Special thanks to C.B. Electric, who took care of the electrical part of the installation and did an excelent job.