Some good news from Ottawa.

It took a while, but our federal government finally launched the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which includes a (partly) reimbursement for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

More information on the Canada Greener Homes Grant can be found on the federal website ( as well as

You must complete a pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation and complete at least one retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by their energy advisor in their report, but A+ Solar Solutions would be surprised if photovoltaic solar panels would not be one of the recommendations.

If you need any assistance on the solar part, A+ Solar Solutions is more than happy to design a system that will meet your requirements and provide clean, renewable energy for the next 30-35 years.

Interested? A+ Solar Solutions offers tailor-made solutions as well as standard solar packages starting at $4,695.
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