22,120 Wp Solar Array installed in Salmon Arm

Four days after receiving the ballast for the 22,120 Wp solar array, A+ Solar Solutions finished the mechanical part of our customers 56-panel solar array.

The 56 panels Hanwha QCells Q.PEAK L-G5.2 395W solar panels are mounted on 56 EcoFoot 2+ frames and fixed on position by 630 ballast blocks.

Apart from the 12-year product warranty, Hanwha QCells guarantees the Q.PEAK L-G5.2 395W solar panels will produce no less than 85.0% of their nameplate power output after 25 years.

Image: Q Cells

The 22,120 Wp solar array is connected to the grid by 28 YC600Y microinverters from APsystems. The YC600Y fro APsystems is a single-phase, smart grid-compliant microinverter, that serves two solar modules with dual, independent MPPT.

Image: APsystems

Because solar arrays last for 30-35 years and require hardly any maintenance – cleaning the solar panels once or twice a year is preferred – investing in a solar array is a very safe investment. It will make you untouchable for all the hikes in electricity rates to come and will provide free, clean energy for 30-35 years.

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