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  1. this the deathnail to batteries and ev s that as carbon intensive as fossil fuels used to make them and power them the 20000$ added to an ev from an ice is the carbon fuel used to make them over ten years thats 20 allons of as per month for ten years minus the electrcity needed to chare the batteries or evs with the added cost of 1000$ per year to replace worn tires from the additional 2000-3000 pounds plus another 1000$ per year in additional insurance costs due to 150% increase in fatallities from accendents due to overdrivin the brakin distance due the addition 1.5 tons so thats another 20 gallons per month forty allons of gas 600 miles of driving averae road trips work or pleasure euel twenty miles per day so this would save the noth america market 2 trillion in additional evs to ice purchase cost and the 12 to 36$ for charing with the added demand for electricity and the doublin of the electricity grid

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