The first community-owned solar array in Salmon Arm will be built on the east-facing roof of First United Church, also known as Nexus at First.

Growing public concern about climate change and support for clean energy solutions has led to $31,300 being raised in a short time to fund the Shuswap Solar Energy Society’s long-planned community solar array.

The project is being called the ‘Hugh Tyson Community Solar Array’, honouring the memory of one of the Society’s Directors who died a year ago.

The Solar Array is a partnership between the Shuswap Solar Energy Society and First United Church and will be built on the east-facing roof of First United Church. It is expected to provide the church with about 35% of its electricity needs.

Debenture holders will receive an annual return-f-capital payment from the electricity cost savings offset by the solar array. They expect the debentures to be paid off by 2025 or earlier.

The Solar Array is a true community project in that 32 persons have given generously through debenture purchases or donations to help fund it. Having achieved our target, we are ending our fund-raising campaign with thanks.

The Solar Array will be built in mid-June by A+ Solar Solutions

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