SolarEdge’s New Energy Hub Inverter intelligently connects Solar, Storage, & EV Charging

The innovative clean tech kids at SolarEdge launched a new inverter optimized for the integration of solar and energy storage. The new Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology takes SolarEdge’s 99% efficient HD-Wave inverter technology to the next level with the integration of DC-coupled StorEdge energy storage for a combined efficiency of an impressive 90.8%.

Image: SolarEdge

“As a next-generation backup solution, the Energy Hub Inverter is part of SolarEdge’s vision to change the way we power our world and our lives,” stated Lior Handelsman, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy. “By creating a centralized platform that coordinates energy production, storage, and consumption at a local level, we are transforming what is now a fragmented energy environment into a smart energy ecosystem that decreases waste, improves efficiency, reduces bills, all while being more convenient. This is a critical step in turning houses into smart energy homes and our grid into a smart grid.”

Planning for and integrating energy storage into the inverter up front eliminates the need to convert the DC power from a solar installation to AC and back to DC again to store it in a battery. The integration also streamlines installations as a second inverter to flip power from AC to DC and back for when the battery is no longer required. Additionally, the new Energy Hub Inverter plays nicely with SolarEdge’s new Smart EV charging as a solid foundation for the renewable, sustainable home of the future. The only thing is, it’s all available today.

Image: SolarEdge

The new Energy Hub Inverter can power just the essentials in a home through a power outage, or power the entire home, up to 200 amps. With all of the interconnections between the solar, multiple home batteries, and generators happening in the Energy Hub Inverter, the need to install a separate breaker panel for a generation panel is all but eliminated, saving homeowners money on non-value-add hardware and cutting installation times.

SolarEdge continues to lead the world in not just inverter technologies, but in delivering products that deliver on the promise of a sustainable, connected, and intelligent home of the future. It takes solar-powered homes beyond simply producing power into a completely new paradigm where the inverter serves as a fully-connected energy manager for the home, working to optimize the objectives of the homeowner 24/7.

Source: CleanTechnica